The Chris Christie Scandal = Republicans and Democrats Are The Same.

The Chris Christie Scandal = Republicans and Democrats Are The Same

The recent Chris Christie scandal shows us that our political representatives are pretty much all the same whether Democrat, Republican or Independent. Chris Christie operates a disciplined organization as the Governor or New Jersey. His reputation as a strict and almost bully-like leader has been glorified throughout his time as Governor particularly his response to Hurricane Sandy. The recent Chris Christie Scandal shows that reputation can hurt as much as it helps.

Does anyone really believe that Chris Christie is not aware of the day-to-day operations within his government? There is no way a strict leader with his reputation would be unaware of even the most minor details affecting his governance of New Jersey. It is outrageous to think that two Chris Christie underlings would create a major traffic backup for political retribution without Chris Christie’s knowledge.

The Chris Christie scandal reminds us of the IRS Scandal involving President Obama. How can Obama and Christie be compared given what appears to be so many differences between these two men? The differences are only an appearance. They may have some different political objectives and they may be heavily influenced by different corporate parties but at the end of the day they behave almost identically.

The IRS Scandal created by Obama and his administration targeted Republican organizations. The Chris Christie Scandal targeted a Democrat mayor who didn’t support Christie’s re-election. Obama and Christie both believe in targeting their enemies, especially those that don’t support them.

Obama denied knowledge of the IRS activities targeting Republican organizations. Christie denied knowledge of the activities his administration took to target a Democrat mayor. Both men clearly believe in denying actions that they are obviously aware of. Does anyone really believe Obama didn’t know about the IRS activities targeting Republican organizations? Why would IRS employees choose to target Republican organizations without a directive from someone inside the Obama administration?

Obama immediately eliminated workers that participated in the IRS Scandal. Christie also immediately eliminated workers that participated in the Chris Christie Scandal.

Two political parties. Two different men. Many actions by both that are almost identical. Our political representatives whether Democrat or Republican believe in misleading the public and engaging in aggressive, immoral actions that are harmful to their enemies and the general public. As Americans we have the ability to create real change. We should demand political representatives that behave with more dignity, integrity and honesty.

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