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FreeLibertyPost.com was created to provide an independent perspective on national news and today’s current events. Many of the present news and related media organizations have lost their sense of independence in their reporting of news, current events and editorial opinions. FreeLibertyPost.com was created to fill this void.

A focus on liberty and freedom is part of our dedication to you. We feel these values have also been overlooked by many of today’s mainstream media outlets. Providing an independent opinion on news and current events with an emphasis on liberty and personal freedom is our focus.

Independence is part of our core at FreeLibertyPost.com. We are not part of a large corporate organization or influenced by any corporate or governmental parties. We believe independent news and perspective cannot be provided without fighting such political and corporate influences aggressively.

We are a new, growing media organization. Your input, comments and suggestions are always welcome. Is there something you would like to read about? Something you might like to see within our site? Your opinion and input counts at FreeLibertyPost.com. Please use the comment feature at any time to contact us. We hope to add new features to the site frequently.

Thanks for reading FreeLibertyPost.com; it is our pleasure to serve you.

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